LeapForWord is a Mumbai-based non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of bringing English Literacy to children from regional language backgrounds.

After almost 10 years of multiple iterations of testing various ways of teaching English, we believe we have developed a solution which can enable existing teachers to effectively deliver English skills to their children at the cheapest ever cost.

Built on top of rules that can translate English into any regional language and vice versa, this proprietary solution has the following unique features:

  1. English can now be taught by a person who need not know how to speak English
  2. English can now be taught in the child’s mother tongue.

The primary objective of this solution, which we call ‘The English Literacy Program’, is to take students from a stage of complete English illiteracy to a stage where s/he can Read, Write, Comprehend and Structure grammatically correct sentences. Here’s an example

We are organising a one-day training workshop to share the Concepts, Techniques & Material that form the Elementary Reading & Elementary Comprehension levels of The English Literacy Program.

Who will benefit from attending this workshop?

This workshop is ideal for any organisation that has interests in delivering English skills but has a network of teachers who struggle with English.

What’s in it for you?

By the end of the day, the attendees would have learnt enough to get started on their own if they choose to do so.

Participation is completely free and without any-obligation to formally engage with us in any manner.

What is in it for us?

In case you wish to formally partner with us, we get to experience the joy of impacting many more children and there by coming closer to our eventual goal.


Registration details

Please register here by listing the name of your organisation and the count of team members who would be participating.

In case you have any queries, mail us at sophiya.a@leapforword.org to know more about this free workshop.

We are excited about seeing you & your team at the workshop.

To know more about our work, visit us at