After years of continuous iterations in extremely under‐served locations, we believe we have a solution which can take on the English‐illiteracy challenge.

Our solution completely eliminates the need of English expertise and enables existing teachers to take our students from English illiteracy to a stage where s/he can Read, Write, Comprehend & Structure grammatically correct sentences.



  1. Supplementary class teachers (irrespective of their current English skills) are trained & certified to deliver the “English Literacy Program.”
  2. The teachers train the kids to reach a level where he can read & comprehend sentences in addition to building a vocabulary of ~1,000 words

The English Literacy program is divided into 5 levels:

English Literacy Program

Foundation Level  (Grade: 1 & 2, Duration: 20 weeks)

“Foundation level” being the first learning level, focuses on developing fundamental English capabilities in the student. On completion of this level, the student is able to identify alphabets (capital & small) and numbers 0-100, build a vocabulary of 150 words and learn to write his/her name in English.

Ground Level Reading (Grade: 3 onwards, Duration: 24 weeks)

Students who demonstrate the capacity to identify alphabets but are unable to read simple words, skip the “foundation level” and are enrolled in the ground level reading program. This level focuses on developing elementary reading skills in the students. In this level, students learn how to read words made of four letters and also build a vocabulary of over 450 words. The focus of this level is to make the child aware of different phonemes so that he starts to build words and pronounce them correctly.

Ground Level Comprehension (Post Ground Level Reading, Duration: 16 weeks)

This level is designed for students who can read individual words but are unable to comprehend sentences made from such words. This level focuses on imparting elementary comprehension skills to the students. The method used to teach is called structured discovery, where the child learns different elements of grammar without any usage of jargons of grammar by the teacher in the classroom. This level usually turns out to be extremely enabling, not only for the students but also to the teachers teaching it.

Level One Reading (Post Ground Level Reading, Duration: 24 weeks)

This level focuses on usage of fairly complex words (not limited by length) and fairly complex sentences, including all tenses. Students are able to read fairly complex sentences.

Level One Comprehension (Post Level One Reading, Duration: 16 week)

On completion of Level 1 reading, the student builds capability of reading words with higher degree of complexity for example “Juxtaposition”, “ nomenclature etc. By the end of level 1 comprehension, students learn to comprehend fairly complex sentences in terms of word complexity and tenses being used.

Other than reading, writing & comprehension skills, students also build capacity to frame grammatically correct English sentences.

Overall the program’s duration is about 24 months. Being a skill based program, every student need not go through every level, the student would be suggested a particular level based on “What’s his current capability is”. Before enrolling any student in the program, baseline mapping test is conducted to understand student`s current capability and accordingly he is suggested the respective learning level.

So, in a span of 24 months, an English illiterate kid reaches to a stage where he can Read, Write, Comprehend & Structure grammatically correct sentence.

We believe we can train kids in English language & make them ready to take on the world on equal terms. If you want to know more about our work follow our Facebook page or write into us at