The 3rd training session of the Maval English Literacy Project was conducted at ZP School, Kamshet on 10th Aug 2016.

87 Zilla Parishad teachers attended the training from 4 different centres (Khadkala, Govitri, Malegoan, Sangise)

The training went on smoothly with active participation from the teachers. The feedback received was very overwhelming. 93% of the teachers wished to attend the next level of training.  89% of the teachers found the teaching methodology to be very simple. 71% of the teachers felt that their fear for English has reduced tremendously after attending first training session. This is what gives us the motivation to keep going.

Subhash Raghumath Gokhale, ZP Teacher: If  students from Std 1 to 5 start using the books, they will be able to read English in a fluent manner. If teachers start applying the techniques taught in today’s training session, English will become much easier to learn. Students will no longer mug up words.


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