Kids are super smart, playful and they know how to live in the moment. They’re intuitive, honest and curious.

These were some of the thoughts that crossed my mind during one of our recent school visits in a village near Shirdi.

IMG_20160716_111650670.jpgThe energy levels and enthusiasm exhibited by each one of them was completely infectious.

Initially, they were a bit hesitant, but it didn’t take much convincing for these kids to join for some impromptu clicks. They were ready with multiple random poses in seconds. What a delight !!

IMG_20160716_112415158_HDRNine year old Geeta is a Leader.  She announces and the other girls all nod and follow her. Soon, they were up with the “Durga Maa” pose in a fraction of seconds.

WIMG_20160716_112410283_HDRhen we asked Sapna, who is in class 5, if she would like to come to Mumbai, she laughed in response and nodded with a big ‘Yes’. Sapna wants to study. Apart from being good at academics, she is equally good at sports and enjoys playing table tennis.

Then we spoke to these bright little kids – Rajashree and Pooja both from Class 5. Both wanted to become doctors.

Till now, we were going pretty easy on the conversation, but the moment  they were asked about their comfort level with English language, there was a dull moment and a sudden dip in their confidence levels.


The feeling of not being very fluent or comfortable with the language somewhere impacted their confidence. But, kids being kids, that was just a moment and they were back to normal.

But can we ignore this ? Can we let these kids feel any lesser than anyone only because of a silly language ?

These little superstars we encounter, will grow into what we, adults, believe of them. It is important to nourish the brilliance these children overflow with. English alone cannot be a barrier to their dreams.

The children of today are our future; it is a powerful statement, along with this comes the responsibility to shape our children’s future. These kids definitely have big dreams !!!

We @LeapForWord have always believed in the concept of equal opportunity, the idea that all kids, regardless of their background, should have equal access to opportunities is central tenet of our dream.

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