The “TEACHER” is central to our ambition of achieving an English Literate end-state.

It is a proud moment for us whenever a teacher joins and becomes a part of our mission. It gives us immense joy when we see our kids performing like this.

Vaishali Nanawre is a recent addition to the list.  She is the first LeapForWord teacher-entrepreneur from Maval, Pune and has recently started teaching kids from the month of June. Great going Vaishali….

In Vaishali’s words….

Give us a brief introduction about yourself

My Name is Vaishali Nanawre. I am from Takwe village, Maval, Pune. I have completed my B.S.C., B.Ed. I was a housewife, and have recently started teaching students using LFW Methodology. Prior to this, I was working as an LIC  Agent.

What motivated you to become an LFW Certified Teacher ? 

Was it tough to convince the parents to send their children to this class ?

I spoke to over 20 to 25 parents about this method and they were convinced about it.

IMG_20160623_171100372I explained the mapping process to them, where a reading test is conducted to understand the current level of the student. Based on the result, the student is categorised and given training for the required level. They were very positive and expressed that they want their kids to progress in life.

The class is divided into 2 parts, one for the foundation level kids and the other for ground level kids.

We spoke to one of the parents and asked her why did she send her kid to this class. This is what she had to say… 

We look forward to more like her joining our endeavour to transform our country into a English literate country, where no student is left behind, only because he/ she doesn’t know English. It’s a tough challenge & we can use all the help we can get. Know more about our work here & if you want to become a part of this transformation write into us on Facebook or drop a mail to