The title of this piece might seem a little bombastic to you, but we are not overstating it & by the end of this article, hopefully you will agree with us.

Very rarely does one get an opportunity to work on a transformational idea that could impact the lives of millions of people and bring about a true, qualitative change. If you’ve always wanted to make a difference, here’s your chance.

LeapForWord is recruiting & we are looking for people who;

  1. The bigger the problem, the better you feel – Big problems excite rather than intimidate you
  2. Don’t take no for answer – Keep plugging away till you solve the problem
  3. Want to lead & take ownership – Greedy to ‘get things done’, not someone who waits to be told
  4. Curious & open to new ideas, constantly updating themselves – Tinkerers & learners

If you are all this then you’ve come to the right place. And we know that you would want to know what’s so great about what we are doing?

IMG_0629What if we told you, that we are working on a 10 year roadmap to make India ‘English Literate’? Yes, every kid in every village in India, will be completely proficient in the language.

And why is that big? Not because we think English is a better language. But because it’s a language that decides whether a kid today has a chance at progressing in life. Lack of English is a socio-economic deficiency that limits a kids ability to learn & grow in life, it severely impacts his/ her employment opportunities thus relegating them to a small set of jobs. You can’t be a scientist, an engineer, a doctor, a coder, a CA if you don’t know English. It has blocked millions of  kids from higher education & a better quality life.

So why do we think we can solve this problem?

IMG_0667Because of what we’ve managed to do with these kids in a short period of time. Could you imagine a 10th pass farmer or a 12th fail peon teaching kids English? If not, then read this & watch what our teachers have achieved on the ground.

Who are we?

LeapForWord is a Mumbai based not-for-profit organization working towards solving the English learning challenges faced by children from regional language backgrounds. We started a decade back with small steps towards a big dream.

Over the last few years we have reached out to over 12,000 kids through 300 trained teachers across 5 districts in Maharashtra. Our founder, Pranil Naik is an Ashoka Fellow who you can watch in action below, explaining our vision.

He was recently invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan along with other Ashoka Fellows for an introduction with President of India.


Along with the Ashoka Foundation, we count amongst our supporters some of the biggest & most respected donors in education, namely Central Square Foundation, EdelGive Foundation, Global Fund For Children & UnLtd India.

The goal is extremely challenging. But who said changing the world is going to be an easy task?

If you are still reading this & find this exciting enough to want to join us in this journey, then please visit our career page to view the current job openings and write into us Or do refer it to someone who you think might fit our requirements. We need all the help we can get. 🙂