We are very excited to team up with Zero Gravity and support their initiative in the Education sector.

About Zero Gravity….

ZERO GRAVITY is a youth volunteer’s network of Dr. Shrikant Jichkar Foundation. They believe in the simple thought of spreading “maximum happiness to maximum number of people”.

As an organisation working with villages and children from shelter homes, they have been running tutoring programs during which they realised the inability of children to read write and understand English.

They recently tied up with LFW and the first training session was held on 12th June 2016.

About the Training….

Around 16 teachers attended the training session which included a mix of existing school teachers, B.ED, D.ED graduates, etc. A group of 20 volunteers from Zero Gravity also attended the training session.

About their Experience….

Maitreyi Jichkar, Founder (Dr. Shrikant Jichkar foundation’s Zero Gravity Volunteer Network) shares her views…..

zerogravityWhen we stumbled upon the concept and the curriculum of LFW, we were more interested in understanding and further implementing the program.

After undergoing training for the same, we were exposed to one of the simplest and easiest ways to teach and understand English. The method has been tailored for kids from Marathi background to quickly pick up and grasp the learning methodology.

The Program is very nicely streamlined and organised for a teacher to understand how to teach, what to teach and how to stick to the schedule. We had girls from our adopted village, teachers from government school and our volunteers attend the training session and the feedback has been overwhelming.

The girls have taken interest in the teacher entrepreneur model and shall be taking this program ahead.

From our point of view, as volunteers, we are looking at in a manner where we can independently teach through this method and curriculum to kids in shelter homes and also increase our impact to reach out to other villages.

It is an amazing approach and content designed perfectly keeping the beneficiaries in mind where it implies that one does not have to know English to teach English.

Some feedback from the participants….

Today’s training session was really effective. This will help us create many teachers who can be better mentors to students and help them improve their English language proficiency.

-Pooja Rajendra Rahshe, H.S.C

This training session will truely help us improving our English language. We understood to read and pronounce words in a very simple way.

– Pravesh Shewale, B.S.C, B.ED (Teacher)

Today’s training helped us to know that English can be learnt and taught in such an easy manner.  We have benefited from this session and will try to spread the same to others.

-Neha Rajkumar Dhapodkar, H.S.C