Rallis India organised a LFW Teacher training session at Akola as part of their social initiative in the education sector.

The training session was held on 11th June 2016 at Blue Lotus English Medium School, Akola. Participants included a mix of existing teachers of Blue Lotus and some graduates who aspired to teach.

The first 2 levels of the English Literacy programme were covered during the training session.

The feedback received from the training session was very positive. The teachers were very excited to learn the teaching methodology and implement them.

The Principal of the school also attended the training session and ensured the implementation of these techniques at his school.

345“The training was conducted in a very effective manner. I will try to remove the fear for English language from the minds of the students using this methodology.”

– Mulchand Hunsingh Raned, B.S.C,D.ED (Teacher)

IMG_20160611_103118331“Today’s training session was very simple to comprehend and teaching kids would definitely become simpler using this methodology. We can teach English to kids in a much simpler way.”

-Deepali Sandeep Gavai, B.A

General feedback received from the training batch was that the method used to teach English is very easy to understand and apply.