Mancharkar Sudhakar Sriram was one of the participants of the Training Programme held for Teachers from various schools around Shikrapur (Shirur, Pune) on 8th June 2016 as part of the LeapForWord Teacher Self Employment Drive 2016 – 2017.


What is your opinion about today’s training session ?

Till date, I have never seen any organisation working with such a selfless motive that too without charging for their work. The methodology used to teach the pronunciation of English words has never been taught to me in this manner in last 21 years. Mr. Ambulkar (Trainer) has covered Module 1 to 5 in a very effective manner.

How do you think you will benefit from today’s training session ?

I am a qualified Teacher and have been teaching in remote village schools since last 21 years. Our foundation for teaching English is very weak and hence our students who qualify for some of the scholarship exams like Jawahar Navodaya lose due to their lack of proficiency in English language. We will try our best to use this methodology developed by LFW and teach our village students.

Mancharkar Sudhakar Sriram in his own words….

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