To learn any language one or more of the following elements should exist:

  1. An environment which speaks that language: This is how all of us learn our first language. This element is available 24 * 7
  2. A peer network which converses in that language: For many of us, language we speak at home is different from what we speak at work which is mainly English. This element is available for the duration we are at work which is almost 40 hours per week
  3. A language expert who can teach in a structured manner – Example: Alliance Françoise for French or Max Mueller for German
  4. Technology through which we can learn a language on our own – Example: websites, language learning apps etc.

Is it possible to learn a language if all of the above 4 elements are absent?

LeapForWord’s definition of under-served is “A place where all the above 4 elements are absent”, which is true for most of India.

In such places, the onus of teaching English to kids falls solely on the government school teacher who is a product of the same education system and as a result has neither the capabilities nor the confidence to teach English effectively.

Dependency on an English-competent teacher is the single biggest bottleneck in the pursuit of English Literacy.


How can our kids then, from so-many under-served places ever access professional education which is available only in English?