‘Word Power Championship’ is LeapForWord’s attempt to showcase English learning skills of students from rural regional schools.

Inspired by the popular American Spelling Bee Contest, we are arguably the first in India to build a similar such competition exclusively for regional language school students.

We have completed three successful editions of the competition.

Visit to Shirpur 117

To put in perspective, Zilla Parishad school students who could barely read alphabets 2 months before the contest went though the following words to qualify for the finals:

  • Reading: Discomfiture, Expunction, Prospective, Conjecture, Connotation, Comprehensive, Substantive, Formidable, Apiculture, Transformation
  • Spelling: Intermingle, Gregarious, Nomenclature, Juxtaposition, Gluttonous, Retrospective, Ostensible, Miniature, Prerogative, Amelioration
  • Meaning: Withdraw, Moustache, Credit, Beetle-nut, Installment, Draught, Artificial,Addict, Knot, Borrow

If a kid wins, s/he gets goodies (plus a 2-day fully paid trip to Mumbai) and her teacher gets the cash prize.


While in these early years, participation is limited to students studying across LFW classes, our objective is to build it into a nationwide contest for all regional language students.